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Specification of Wood Palette

CV. Bright star is a manufacturer of pallet and wooden crate, founded in 1996, CV. bright stars is believed to have some company that has become our partners. CV. bright stars offers products through three methods of election that required consumers.
1. Standard types of wood quality. competitive price. Usually used for pallet pallet display (used only for one-time delivery.
Consists of: wood Albasiyah/Sengon, woodtangkil/Meninjo Rubber, wood, etc./.


2. Type of Medium quality hardwood timber middle class can be used for pallet Racking up big system/pallet dwelling place. The strength of the heavy burden of reach 1-2 tons. Consists of: wood, Wood Harps, Mango Wood, timber, wood, Rambutan, Durian Wood Sobsi, Manii etc. We also provide reconditioned pallet material that is already difumigasi and oven (termites).

3. Types of wood Higt quality. This type of pallet is usually used for downloadingahan goods weight above 2 tons of them. Cement, Oil, Etc.
Consists of: Mahogany, Acacia, teak etc.


Woodworking Machinery & Tools:
All the work is done using the standard modern production machines: Machine shaved Double planner, wood Cutting machines, Dinamo Bandsaw, Coil Nail/Nail Gun.


Contact us for reservations:
CP. 082 1111 27300 Syofian Hady
The Web. WW


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